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Weight Loss Drinks: Is There a Liquid Diet for Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Drinks

Welcome to Your Optimal Nutrition Dot Info – a website dedicated to providing information about diet and nutrition in general, and, specifically, about the nutritional cleansing programs offered by Isagenix, the world leader in nutritional cleansing.

Have you made your way here by searching online with the keywords weight loss drinks and/or liquid diet for weight loss?

If so, I will get to those search terms in a moment but first – if this is your first visit to this website, I invite you to  click the link at the end of this sentence for a general introduction to Isagenix products.

As I stated, I will be exploring the search terms ,weight loss drinks and liquid diet for weight loss in this article, and relating those search terms to the nutritional cleansing programs by Isagenix.


What Are Weight Loss Drinks and a Liquid Diet for Weight Loss?

The two search terms which we are considering in this article both receive a significant number of online searches every month.

Weight loss drinks is searched 6600 times every month, while liquid diet for weight loss receives 1300 monthky searches.

Since so many people are searching for information regarding weight loss drinks and a liquid diet for weight loss, the obvious question is, is it possible to lose weight simply by drinking? It is while you combine it with appetite suppressants.

The traditional approach to weight loss is based upon reducing caloric intake – in this approach, weight loss becomes a simple mathematical formula. If you consume fewer calories on a daily basis than your system burns, the result will be weight loss.

There are number of problems associated with this traditional approach to weight loss – the most obvious of which is that unless you are being very physically active, consuming fewer calories on a daily basis than you burn requires an almost starvation level of caloric consumption.

Sure – people can go on 800 or 1200-calorie diets for a short period of time, but these diets are not sustainable simply because people are starving themselves and they don’t like feeling hungry all the time.

The second major problem with the traditional approach to weight loss is that, generally speaking, the food that we consume is “nutritionally-bankrupt” – most people are aware that our food supply is significantly lacking in essential nutrients – especially packaged foods and “fast foods”, which many people consume on a daily basis.

Hence, in addition to feeling hungry, people on traditional diets are also failing to provide their bodies with the essential nutrients they need to function optimally. The result is a double whammy in which dieters are chronically hungry and undernourished, which explains why people tend not to stay on diets for more than a few days or perhaps weeks.

Since, as we have seen, traditional diets that are based on reducing the amount of food that we consume are hard enough to sustain – how could a diet that is based on consuming liquids possibly work?

And what would those liquids be? If there were drinks or a weight loss diet based upon liquid – what drinks or liquids would you be consuming?


 Let’s Drill Down Into the Concept of a Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

weight loss drinks

If we go back to the concept of the traditional diet – which is based upon reducing the number of calories that we consume on a daily basis – what you see pictured above is definitely a liquid diet for weight loss.

Water contains zero calories, so anyone who wants to lose weight on a liquid diet can do so by simply drinking water – that is, by drinking nothing but water.

The math is very simple – if you don’t consume any calories, your body will burn stored fat simply to keep your basic bodily functions going. This kind of liquid diet can achieve results – but for how long?

A diet consisting of water – or even fruit juices – is completely devoid of proteins and amino acids and cannot be sustained long enough to achieve lasting weight loss.

Once again, the important point to understand is that losing weight is easy if you simply stop consuming calories – but that is not healthy or sustainable weight loss.

I am not aware of any program of safe, healthy and sustainable weight loss that is based upon consuming liquids – unless the “liquids” that are being consumed are the super nutrient formulations from Isagenix.

The only “weight loss drinks” or “liquid diet for weight loss” that I know works are the Isalean shakes created by Isagenix.


What Weight Loss Drinks and a Liquid Diet for Weight Loss Need to Be

As I stated at the outset of this article, thousands of searches are conducted online every month for ways to lose weight through the consumption of liquids, but as I have tried to show, while it may be possible to lose weight by simply consuming liquids such as water, fruit juices, or even diet soft drinks, the chances of staying on those diets for more than a few days are very slim – plus, you will be starving yourself at the same time.

Now let me take a moment and explain how nutritional cleansing works – and, how consuming super nutrient smoothies can achieve safe, healthy and effective weight loss.

In a nutshell, much of the weight that many of us have gained over the years is a result of the toxins that are in our environment, and our food and water supply. One of the ways in which our bodies try to protect us from damage caused by the toxins to which we are exposed is by creating fat cells called obesogens.

These fat cells are created to encase the toxins that have made their way into our bodies – and the secret to weight loss that virtually nobody talks about is the elimination of toxins.

And, once again, in a nutshell – the secret to eliminating toxins and the fat cells that encase them – is to provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs to eliminate toxins.

The nutritional cleansing programs created by Isagenix are designed to do exactly that – to flood the body with the essential nutrients – because by doing so, the body will naturally and gently eliminate toxins.

The results is healthy, safe and sustainable weight loss.

When you are consuming super-nutrient-smoothies you do not feel hungry because they are with protein and other essential nutrients.

This is what a weight loss drink and a liquid diet for weight loss must be – a high-protein, low-calorie, super-nutrient formulation.


The FREE PDF Report “Why Diets Fail” Explains Everything

So far, in this article I have explained why traditional diets fail, and why any form of diet based upon liquids that do not contain essential nutrients are also doomed to failure.

If you would like more information on how to lose weight in a safe and effective way what is based largely on the consumption of delicious and nutritious smoothies, simply fill out the opt in form on this site for the free PDF report entitled, “Why Diets Fail” or click the link below:


Click this link for the FREE PDF report, “Why Diets Fail”


The Video Below Provides Additional Info on Isagenix Weight Loss

For those who have access to video on their computer, I am posting the video below which covers much of the same information as I have included in this article. To view the video simply click on the arrow:



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