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Isogenics, Is Isagenix Safe and Isagenix Side Effects

Isagenix Isalean Shake

Isagenix Isalean Shake

Welcome to Your Optimal Nutrition Dot Info.

Have you arrived at this site by searching online for information about Isagenix, with search terms such as Isogenics, Is Isagenix Safe  or Isagenix Side Effects?

I am writing this post on March 18 of 2014, and during the past 60 days, this website has welcomed 3076 new visitors.

That’s a lot of people looking for information about Isagenix.

And you are probably one of them.

Let’s take a look at what kinds of information people are looking for.


Information About Isogenics, Is Isagenix Safe and Isagenix Side Effects

Let’s look at some of the search terms that bring visitors to this website. I have listed the most popular terms of the past 60 days below:

  • Isogenics
  • Is Isagenix safe
  • Isagenix Side Effects
  • Isagenix ingredients
  • Isagenix cost
  • Isagenix negative side effects
  • Isogenics diet
  • Isagenix side effects negative
  • Is Isagenix organic


Important Isagenix Themes Revealed in Search Terms

If we examine the most popular Isagenix search terms, we can see that several important themes emerge.

One is that Isagenix is a difficult word for people to spell.

A lot of people have heard about Isagenix from a friend or colleague, but may not have actually seen the name in a print medium, and hence, don’t know how to spell it.

While it is spelled “Isagenix”, it sounds like “Isogenics” or Isagenics”, or “Isogenix” – there are quite a few variations on the spelling of the company name, and I have seen quite a few – but the most common misspelling is “Isogenics”.

However, rest assured that if you have arrived at this website by using any of the common misspellings of Isagenix, you have arrived at the right place.

Many of your questions are answered in the individual blog posts on this site, and the FREE download on the top right of the page you are on right now should address any and all concerns that you might have about the company and products.

People Want to Know if Isagenix is a Safe Product and If Isagenix Works

A review of the most popular Isagenix search terms on this site also reveals that people want to know if the product is safe and if there are any side effects.

Once again, I direct your attention to individual posts on this website that address these questions specifically, and to the FREE PDF report available on the top right corner of this page, but in brief, let me answer these questions for you now:

  1. Isagenix is a very safe product and can even be given to infants.
  2. Isagenix is a food, not a pharmaceutical and so does not have any “side effects”.
  3. Isagenix is an organic product, made with the highest-quality ingredients available anywhere in the world.
  4. Isagenix is not a “diet” – it is a nutritional cleansing program which achieves weight loss by providing the body with the essential nutrients it needs to eliminate toxins. By eliminating toxins, the body also eliminates the fat cells in which the toxins are encased.


How To Get Answers to Your Isagenix Questions

As I stated at the outset of this article, this website alone receives over 1500 new visitors every month, most of whom want to know whether Isagenix is safe and whether or not it works.

This website was created to answer as many of the questions that people have about Isagenix as possible, in individual blog posts and by making a PDF available in which three of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on Isagenix and nutrition answer common questions.

So – there are two ways to have your Isagenix questions answered on this website – by reading the individual blog posts that address your concerns and by downloading the FREE PDF report.

And there is a third way – which is to contact me directly at 416-519-4427416-519-4427 or by email at astransman@rogers.com.

Either way, I will be more than delighted to chat and to provide answers to all of your questions and concerns.


Helping You Find Answer to Your Isagenix Questions

In the table below, the most popular search terms are presented in graphical form. To navigate to the individual blog post or page which addresses the search term, simply click on the link:


1. Isogenics

2. Is Isagenix Safe

3. Isagenix Side Effects

4. Isagenix Ingredients

5. Isagenix Cost

6. Isagenix Negative Side Effects

7. Isogenics Diet

8. Isagenix Side Effects Negative

9. Is Isagenix Organic





A Video Overview of Isagenix

There are also quite a number of videos online which explain what Isagenix is, how it works and the kinds of results that people have reported by incorporating Isagenix products and programs into their lifestyle.

The video below is one of the best overviews. To view the video, simply click on the arrow:


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