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Isagenix Shakes

Isagenix Shakes

Isagenix Shakes

Have you found your way to this page on the internet by searching for information about Isagenix shakes?

If so, wlecome – you are among the almost 1000 people every month who query Google using the search term, “Isagenix shakes”.

There is a lot of interest in and curiosity regarding the Isalean shakes from Isagenix, such as the vanilla shake pictured above, as they are the cornerstone of both the 9-day and the 30-day fat-burning and nutritional cleansing programs from Isagenix.

In both of these programs, on “non-cleanse” days – which is to say, other than on the days when you are “cleansing” and just consuming the Isagenix Cleanse for Life formulation and the Isagenix snacks, the Isalean shakes will comprise two meals, usually breakfast and dinner, with the third meal being a 400-600 calorie lunch.

To boil all of that down, the Isagenix shakes – which are called Isalean shakes in Isagenix parlance – constitute tow out of the three meals you will be having each day on the isagenix programs, so they better be good and they better be nutritious.

Happily, they are both.


My Own Personal History With Isagenix Shakes

Elsewhere on this website, I have told the story of how I was first introduced to Isagenix – and to the Isagenix shakes – by a client of mine when I was running the spa for men which I founded in 2005.

I have also related this story in a video which I will post at the end of this article, so I won’t repeat it here.

Suffice to say, however, that Isagenix shakes have been a part of my life and of my daily routine for more than six years.

I prefer the chocolate Isalen shake to the vanilla, but I prefer chocolate anything to vanilla anything, so I am quite sure that if you are a fan of vanilla, you will find the vanilla Isalean shake as delicious as I find the chocolate Isalean shakes to be.

Many people who are into Isagenix and into Isagenix shakes have their own little twist on the formula and I have mine – what I do is mix the chocolate Isalean shake with about a cup of frozen berries and whip it up in the blender for about a minute, with a bit of ice thrown in.

If you like thick, delicious “chocolate-and-fruit-flavoured” smoothies, you will love this.

That’s how I enjoy the Isalean shakes from Isagenix, and the fact they are not only absolutely delicious but chock-full of powerful super nutrients only serves to enhance my enjoyment.


Let’s Hear What A Famous Author Has to Say About Isagenix Shakes

You have probably heard of Dr. John Gray, author of  the”Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus” series of books. Dr. Gray is not only a best-selling author, he is one of the best-selling authors of all time. Plus, he is an authority on brain chemistry, having done years of research on the chemicals that affect moods and behaviour.

Dr. John Gray is also one of the leaders in the Isagenix community, having developed his own unique “Venus and Mars” Isagenix shakes.  Dr. Gray is also one of the three featured interview subjects in the PDF that is a FREE download on the top right corner of this page. In the following excerpt from that interview, Dr. Gray explains his introduction to the Isagenix shakes:

I think it’s about 5 years ago. I heard about a wonderful product. It was an amino acid shake and I had been researching the use of amino acids to stimulate healthy brain chemistry for men and women and I was testing out everything that said that they had amino acids in it. And I tried Isagenix and it did the trick, made my brain feel better which meant that I had more energy, more focus, more motivation, happier, more relaxed – all these great benefits you can get when you get the amino acids in your brain in the form that your brain can use them….

So I jumped on board and I’m so glad I did – one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and right away, within a couple of weeks, I lost – I wasn’t, like, worried about my weight but I had been gaining pounds and having difficulty getting it off, as many of us experience as we get over 40 and I was already in my late 40’s at that time, or even in my 50’s, and I had put on an extra 20 pounds and I was able to lose 15 pounds in just a couple of weeks. It was amazing when I did the cleansing program and so forth and I kept it off. I’m still trim and I look good and I feel good. And I look forward to my products every day. So that’s a little bit of an overview of how I got involved and what I’ve done is I’ve just continued to share it with people, all these 5 years -thousands of people – when I talk at my lectures and I say,” If you want to look great like me and you want to get these nutrients I’ve been talking about and that are necessary for optimum brain chemistry this is the company to go to.”


In the excerpt form the interview with Dr. John Gray cited above, he makes the following key points:

  • Dr. Gray found Isagenix because he was researching products containing amino acids
  • because of Isagenix he felt “more energy, more focus, more motivation, happier, more relaxed”
  • Dr. Gray dropped 15 pounds on the Isagenix program in a couple of weeks
  • Isagenix shakes contain the nutrients needed for “optimum brain chemistry”

Note: to get started with Isagenix, contact me anytime at 416-519-4427 or via email at astransman@rogers.com. And, for additional information on Isagenix shakes, check out the video below: 

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