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Isagenix Review

Isagenix Review

Isagenix Isalean Shake

If you have found your way to this website by searching on the internet using the keyword, “Isagenix Review“, as almost 1000 people do every month, welcome!

Let me share some information with you which you may find of value.


Two Types of Isagenix Review

To be honest, I am not exactly sure what is being searched for by people looking for Isagenix Reviews or an Isagenix Review.

Isagenix is, first and foremost a company – one which is based in Arizona – and creates a wide range of health and nutrition-related products, including skin care products.

“Isagenix” is also the short form, if you will, for the flagship 9-Day and 30-Day Fat-Burning and Nutritional Cleansing programs, and so, when people say, “Isagenix”, they are not referring to the company, per se, but to the “cleanses”, which is the first exposure that most people have to “Isagenix”.


An Invitation from the Founder of This Site

Many people who search for information about Isagenix products and programs are interested in losing weight and in improving their overall health and well-being. Isagenix products are ideally-suited to achieve those goals. There is also the opportunity to earn money as an Isagenix Associate. The key to succeeding as an Isagenix Associate is to become part of a well-established team. I am a member of one of the most successful teams in the Isagenix family, which includes Steve Bentley, a leading personal trainer in Canada. If you would like to become part of this team or to find out more about it, I invite you to call me at 416-519-4427 any time.


Isagenix Review 1: A Local News Report

Of course, a lot of the information that you read on the internet or in any media, regarding any company, not just Isagenix, has a bias.

This website, to be perfectly transparent, has a bias, because I have been a consumer of Isagenix products for over 6 years and believe that they are the healthiest food you can eat and I want to share that information – and my passion for optimal nutrition – with others.

But, news agencies or news reporters, while not always completely objective, perhaps, depending upon the issue, are a pretty good source of unbiased information.

Have a look at the following news item from a local television news program:




A Review of the Key Points Made in the Video

Once again the above video was not produced by the Isaegnix company, as many of the YouTube videos about Isagenix are – nothing wrong with that as Isagenix likes to use video to explain and promote its products.

The above video was produced by a local news operation with the objective of bringing useful information to its viewers. Here are the key points made in the news piece:

  •  the two women featured in the piece have struggled with weight issues for years
  • toxins stored in the body impede weight loss
  • people who stick to the Isagenix plan see remarkable results
  • Isagenix is nutritionally sound and safe
  • must combine Isagenix with exercise
  • it is not just about weight loss – it is about how good you feel
If you have had a chance to read my personal Isagenix story, you know that I have seen many such success stories with Isagenix, so I am not the least bit skeptical when I hear about people losing 20 pounds or even more on the 30-Day program.
But you may be new to Isagenix and still a bit undecided.

Let’s Consider Another Type of Isagenix Review

Remember – Isagenix is a food, and no two people have the exact same reaction to a food. No two people have the exact same metabolism, so results vary from one person to another.

An Isagenix program, whether it is the 30-Day or the 9-Day, is not going to have the exact same effect on two different people – in other words, you can’t review a nutritional cleansing program in the way that you might review a car or a vacuum cleaner.

There is a subjective element that is not necessarily present in reviewing a physical product.

But let’s look at an excerpt from Dr. Shoshana Bennett, one of the three interviews that are included in the FREE download on the top right-hand side of the screen.

In this excerpt, Dr. Bennett tells interviewer Ron Reid how she was first introduced to Isagenix products:



I was about to face surgery and I wanted to get myself into the best health I possibly could before I went into that ordeal and I approached an excellent hypnotherapist, Beverly Taylor, for a tape to be made to help me heal after the surgery and also to help me get my mindset in the place I wanted it. And she said, “I will do that tape for you. We’ll have that session. But if you really want to get your body in the best shape possible and also to help your healing, put this stuff in your body.” And, of course, it was Isagenix and Beverly Taylor became my sponsor that day. I saw not only what it did for my general health but I did heal remarkably quickly. It pretty much stumped the surgeons. They thought that it had been 2 months of healing when I came in after 2 weeks and they were so impressed, they went on it themselves and now are putting their own patients on it.

And I also thought, at that point, [my] mental health – I thought I was doing great and I was. I was. But I also saw what it was doing with my mood. I went from feeling really good to feeling great. I’m so “in tune”, because of what I do for a living, with mental health and so “in tune” also because of my past experience with not having felt good. I knew something was going on with my brain chemistry as well and it became very interesting to me as I watched, as I suggested to women I was working with or my colleagues, I saw what was happening with women they were working with.

I work quickly as a psychologist.  I believe in short-term therapy whenever possible. So, women are finished with me quickly so they can get on with their happy lives and that’s exactly how it should be but when they add this particular nutritional system as part of their regimen, sometimes I’m hearing calls such as, “Dr. Bennett is this a placebo?  I’ve heard about placebos.  Am I making this up? What’s happening here?” And that’s just after, sometimes, a few days.

Again, each woman is very different.  Her chemistry is very different. [I’m} not saying it’s the same for everyone but it is really remarkable. So I can say, anecdotally, after I had my experience, it’s been such a pleasure to introduce women who I know are suffering, to the system and just watching what happens to their happiness level. I’m approached all the time, Ron, and have been for many, many years as a pioneer in this field. Many companies kind of see dollar signs in their eyes. I’ve helped over 17,000 women recover from prenatal and postpartum depression and they’re going, “Oh, my gosh, this woman is in touch with so many women.  Let’s approach her.”

I have never ever, before Isagenix, never endorsed any nutritional system and that really is saying something. I believe that our reputation is what we’ve got and that’s the most important thing – our reputation and our integrity. I will never put my name around.  I won’t even do media interviews for a station that I don’t respect.  I don’t want my name associated with it. So, Isagenix – when I saw the quality, when I visited the plant, when I did my due diligence, I thought, “Alright!” -and I saw, of course, and I felt, of course, what was happening with me – I thought, “This is it. This is it. I’m putting my name.”  I have no problem at all and I would be proud to associate myself and my work with Isagenix.



 A Review of the Key Points Made by Dr. Bennett

I am sure that you will agree that Dr. Bennett makes some quite remarkable points in her story. Among there are:

  • Isagenix helped her recover so quickly from surgery that her doctors were astounded
  • not only did Dr. Bennett heal physically, but her mood was significantly elevated from “good to great”
  • Isagenix is the only product that Dr.Bennett has ever endorsed

How to Make Isagenix Products Part of Your Life

If you would like to get started on the 30-Day or the 9-Day Isagenix Program, contact me any time via:

Telephone: 416-519-4427


Email: astransman@rogers.com


Skype: AlanStransman


An Additional Personal Testimonial and “Isagenix Review”

For another personal testimonial from an Isagenix user, click on the video below:


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