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Isagenix Diet Plan


The Isagenix Diet Plan is Not a Diet

What Is The Isagenix Diet Plan

If you have found your way to this article on the Internet by searching for information on the Isagenix Diet Plan – welcome!

This website is entitled, Your Optimal Nutrition Dot Info, and on this site, as the founder, I talk mainly about the nutritional cleansing programs offered by the Arizona-based company, Isagenix.

The keyword Isagenix Diet Plan receives over 350 searches in Google alone every month, which indicates that a number of people think of Isagenix as a diet program.

The Isagenix nutritional cleansing and fat-burning programs, in either the 9-day or the 30-day format, are not, strictly speaking, diets. Yet, people who follow either the 9-day or the 30-day program tend to lose weight.

In this article, I will explain how people lose weight on Isagenix and why Isagenix weight loss is a much healthier form of weight loss than a conventional diet.


What is the Isagenix Diet Plan? It is not a Diet Plan at All!

In order to understand what Isagenix is and how it works, you must understand the underlying principle to the entire program, which is that our bodies are exposed to literally hundreds of toxins every day, through our food supply, water supply, and through the environment. When I say “the environment”, I’m not only reporting to the air that we breathe but also to the products that we put on our skin.

What happens when toxins enter our body is that our system tries to protect us from before and substance. It does this in one of two ways: 1) either by surrounding the toxic substance with water and attempting to flush it out of our system or 2) by encasing it in fat cells.

You may be aware that toxins can be either water-soluble or fat-soluble. Toxins that are water-soluble are flushed out of the body with water while those that are fat-soluble are encased in fat cells.


What Do Toxins Have to Do With Weight Loss and the Isagenix Diet Plan?

If you are wondering what toxins have to do with weight loss, you are not alone.

For most people, the connection between the toxins to which our bodies are exposed on a daily basis and weight gain is unknown or mostly misunderstood.

But if the body has to create new fat cells to protect us from toxins that have entered into our body in one of the ways described above, the result is weight gain.

How would adding fat cells to the body NOT result in weight gain?

In fact, the fat cells that the body creates to protect us from toxins have a special name – obesogens.

So, not only are we producing an entirely new class of fat cells, but we have also had to create a brand-new name for them!


Isagenix Weight Loss is Really About Eliminating Toxins

Once you understand that the toxins to which we are exposed in our contemporary world are at the root of weight gain for many people, you understand that weight loss is about eliminating those toxins.


Because many of the toxins are encased in the fat cells known as obesogens.

When we eliminate toxins from our bodies, the fat cells go with them and the result is safe, effective, long-term weight loss.

The nutritional cleansing and fat-burning programs created by Isagenix were specifically designed to help the body eliminate toxins.

And how, exactly, do they do that?

What John Anderson, the creator of the nutritional cleansing and fat burning programs understood is that our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins, and will eliminate toxins as long as we provide our system with the essential nutrients required to function optimally.

I will restate that, as it is the fundamental principle that explains everything about safe, healthy, and effective weight loss in our current environment.

Our body will eliminates toxins through the liver and other organs as long as it has the proper nutrients to do what it was designed to do.


Now, Let’s Answer the Question – What is the Isagenix Diet Pan?

So, let’s not return to the question of the Isagenix diet plan.

Perhaps, you can see by now that Isagenix’s is not a diet plan at all. Isagenix is a program – either a 9-day program or a 30 day program – that is designed to flood the body with low-calorie, super-nutrients – because by doing so, it allows the body to do its natural job of eliminating toxins.

The results is weight loss in most cases – however, unlike a conventional diet, Isagenix weight loss is not the result of reducing the amount of nutritionally-bankrupt food we consume.

Quite the opposite – Isagenix promotes weight loss by providing the body with a super-nutrient formulation, which is why people who do the 9-day or the 30-day nutritional cleansing program are not hungry.

Rather than being starved, they are being treated to a level of nutrition that they are probably completely unaccustomed to.

As a result, the feel energized and re-vitalized, as opposed to tired and hungry as most people do on a conventional diet.


Isagenix Weight Loss is Explained in a New PDF Report

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