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Want to Become an Isagenix Affiliate?

Have you arrived at this website by searching for information on how to become an Isagenix Associate?

If so, welcome – my name is Alan Stransman, and I have been an Isagenix Associate since 2007.

If you are new to Isagenix, let me begin by reviewing the four most common reasons why people are drawn to this website and to Isagenix.

I call these four reasons the Four Pillars of Isagenix.



Becoming an Isagenix Associate is One of Four Isagenix Pillars

As I stated above, people come to Isagenix for a variety of reasons, but the four main reasons are as follows:

  • to enhance their overall nutrition
  • to eliminate toxins from their system
  • to lose weight
  • to earn money as an Isagenix Associate

For more information on how to become an Isagenix Affiliate and to help others achieve their weight loss goals, email me at astransman@rogers.com or call me at 416-519-4427.


The Four Pillars Of Isagenix Fit Together

If you were to look at the above list, you might think that the four main reasons for bringing Isagenix into your life are unrelated – but they are not.

Isagenix (and when I speak about “Isagenix”, I am speaking, primarily,  about the two flagship nutritional cleansing programs – the 9-day cleanse and the 30-day cleanse) – is, first and foremost, a nutritional product.

The Isalean shakes which constitute the major portion of food intake during the nutritional cleanses (2 shakes per day on “shake days”) are packed with super nutrients.

Isagenix – and here, again, I am talking about the Isalean shakes, primarily, but this goes for the other Isagenix products, as well – is not a drug, it is not an artificial stimulant,  and it is not a nutritional supplement.

Isagenix is a superfood.

That –  in my opinion – is the single most important fact that anyone coming to Isagenix needs to understand.

Isagenix is a super-nutritional formulation, that delivers the essential nutrients that your body needs to function at its best – and which you cannot get from our nutritionally-depleted food supply.

Peter Greenlaw, the co-author of a new book entitled, “Why Diets Are Failing Us” explained Isagenix in a recent interview, as follows:


Isagenix, in my opinion…. is not a cleanse. It doesn’t cleanse you. Simply by enabling – by massively infusing the human body with nutrients at levels that you simply can’t find in food – it’s allowing the body to do this [cleansing] naturally.


This is one of the most important statements about Isagenix that you will ever read, in my view.

The key phrase is” by massively infusing the human body with nutrients at levels you simply can’t find in food” – that is the essence of what Isagenix is all about.

In the same interview, Dr. Dennis Harper, the co-author of the book, “Why Diets Are Failing Us”, expands upon Peter Greenlaw’s staement by saying the following:



There’s no doubt that 99 percent of the cleansing that takes place in a person’s body has to do with when the organs are functioning properly. There might be, maybe, one percent that’s associated with some of the ingredients that actually do reach out and grab toxins. But by and large, it has to be your own body because your body is the number one detoxifier. The liver is a big one, [and] the kidneys. Even the lungs help eliminate a lot of these toxins. So you want to have all the organs working the very best you can and that’s what Isagenix does. It gives you the nutritionally-dense foods to make – or help your body achieve – its own balance.


Once again, we see that the elimination of toxins by the body is a natural process – it is not promoted by stimulants or harsh chemicals – it happens naturally when the “organs are functioning properly”.

Understanding this process is not only the key to understanding why there are no harmful side effects with Isagenix, but I believe that it is the key to becoming an Isagenix Associate, as well.


For information on how you can earn money as an Isagenix Associate and help others lose weight email me at astransman@rogers.com or call me at 416-519-4427.


 Why Not Promote a Nutritionally-Dense Food That Promotes Optimal Function?

Once you understand that Isagenix is a nutritionally-dense food that helps your body to achieve its own balance – and to eliminate toxins that have accumulated over the years – you no longer ask questions about whether or not Isagenix is safe or whether or not there are side effects.

Drugs and artificial stimulants can have harmful side effects – but foods do not.

Isagenix is a nutritionally-dense food” – a true superfood!

It is no wonder that when people experience the health benefits of Isagenix, they want to share their experience with friends, family members and colleagues.


How the Four Pillars of Isagenix Fit Together – Including Becoming an Isagenix Associate

As I stated above, Isagenix is, first and foremost, a nutritional product.

If you are interested in providing your body – the only body you have or ever will have – with optimal nutrition – then there is no better way to do that, in my opinion, than to start your day with an Isalean shake – and to have another later in the day, as a snack. if you feel like it.

If you decide to embark upon one of the nutritional cleansing and fat burning programs – popularly known as the “Isagenix 9-day cleanse” and the “Isagenix 30-day cleanse” – you will be having two shakes on most days of the program.

And you will be taking a more taking in more of the super nutrients that promote the elimination of toxins from your system.

Don’t forget what both Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Dennis Harper said in their interview – the body needs to be functioning optimally to release the toxins that have accumulated through exposure to impurities in our environment in the food and water we consume.

When your body releases fat-soluble toxins – that is, the toxins that have been stored in fat cells in our body – the toxins and the fat cells are eliminated together – and the result is weight loss.

The nutritionally-dense Isagenix superfood promotes optimal function of the internal organs, which leads to the release of toxins which results in weight loss.

That is how the first three pillars of Isagenix fit together.


Adding the Fourth Pillar – Becoming an Isagenix Associate

Isagenix is a network marketing company – which means that Isagenix products are not sold through traditional retail outlets – they are sold by Independent Isagenix Associates.

To become an Isagenix Associate, all you have to do is be a regular consumer of the Isagenix products.

Isagenix wants its sales team – which is comprised of  Isagenix Associates – to have personal experience with the Isagenix products.


Because who would do a better job of marketing a product or program – someone who has had a very positive experience with that product or program or someone who knows virtually nothing about it?

Obviously, the person who has personal knowledge of the product will do a much better job of marketing it to a friend or colleague than someone working in a retail store who may not even know the product will do marketing it to a total stranger.

If you had spent years developing the leading nutritional cleansing program in the world – wouldn’t you want people who are fans of the program to market it to people who know and trust them?

So does Isagenix – and that is why the company treats its Isagenix Associates so well!


Are You Interested in Becoming an Isagenix Associate?

As we have seen in this article, there are four very good reasons to get involved with Isagenix:

  • to improve your overall nutrition
  • to eliminate toxins in a systematic way by doing one of the nutritional cleansing and fat-burning programs
  • to lose weight and
  • to earn money as an Isagenix Associate

Once they  have experienced the first three pillars of Isagenix – the decision to earn money as an Isagenix Associate is the next logical step for many people.

If you are interested in becoming an Isagenix Associate  – and you do not already have friend or family member with whom you wish to work – I invite you to contact me to talk about joining the Isagenix team of which I am a member.

It is headed up by one of the leaders in the Isagenix company – Steve Bentley, formerly one of the top triathlon coaches in Canada.

Being part of a very active, dynamic and growing team will make an enormous difference in your ability to succeed as an Isagenix Associate.

There are Isagenix Associates who are happy to earn enough money each month to pay for their Isagenix products and other Isagenix Associates who are making 5 or even 6-figure incomes monthly.

If you wish to become an Isagenix Associate – call me at 416-519-4427 or email me at astransman@rogers.com to set up a convenient time to connect.

I am here to help and would love to chat any time.


The Video Below Illustrates Exactly How To Become an Isagenix Affiliate

In the video below, Isagenix Associate Dave Morse explains exactly how and why he became an Isagenix Associate.

He had a very positive experience with Isagenix which resulted in the release of toxins and the loss of over 120 pounds of unwanted weight and he became an Isagenix Associate to share his positive experience with others.















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