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Is Isagenix a Safe Product?

Is Isagenix a Safe Product

Isagenix Isalean Shake

A visitor arrived on this website today by searching online with the keyword, “Is Isagenix a Safe Product?”

When I check my analytics data, I often find that visitors make their way to this website via this search term, or a variation of it, such as, “Is Isagenix safe” or “Isagenix safe”.

Clearly, a lot of people are interested in knowing whether or not Isagenix products are safe.

I have addressed this question in another blog post on this website, which you can read here, but I will add some comments in this article.


Is Isagenix Safe?: One Very Good Way to Know

It should be stated at the outset that virtually any food could pose a problem for someone who has an allergy to it – whether it is peanut butter, blueberries, shrimp or anything else.

If you do have a food allergy that you are aware of, you should review the list of ingredients in all of the Isagenix products before consuming them, just as you would read the labels on any food products that you might purchase in a grocery store.

So, there is no way to say that Isagenix – or any other food, for that matter – is 100% safe for everyone.

But, when people ask “Is Isagenix safe?”, I don’t think that they are really asking about food allergies, which, as I have stated, can come into play with virtually any type of food. I am guessing that what they are they are asking is, does Isagenix have any harsh ingredients or substances that might cause problems for people who may have a sensitive or weakened constitution, perhaps.

I have quite an extensive background with Isagenix and I have never heard of a single circumstance in which there has been an adverse reaction to an Isagenix product, and I know of people, such as Sheldon Persuad, one of the top personal trainers in Canada and a leader in the Isagenix company, who recommended Isagenix for his mother, who is in her eighties.

But, let’s drill down a bit deeper into the question of whether or not Isagenix is safe and see what one of the world’s leading experts in nutrition has to say on the subject.

I am sure that you would agree that if a food can be safely given to children, that would indicate that it is a safe food.

Dr. John Gray, author of the world-renowned, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” series of books, and one of the leading authorities in the world on nutrition and brain chemistry, was interviewed by Ron Reid for his “Health, Wealth and Wellness” teleconference series in the spring of 2012, and addressed the question of whether Isagenix is safe for children. Let’s take a look at an excerpt from that interview.


A Quick Note from the Founder of This Website

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A Key Excerpt from an Interview With Dr. John Gray

The following excerpt is taken from Dr. John Gray’s interview with Ron Reid.


Ron Reid: Do you recommend that parents give their kids [an Isalean] shake and if so how much of a shake and at what age and so on?

John Gray: Well, definitely. If I have a child – and I have seen it over and over and over -a child who’s feeling moody, or a child who’s really restless and not cooperating and not listening and not doing their homework, you basically want to start feeding them the shake twice a day and three scoops at a time. So you’re going to give them more than the adult dose, basically. This is food. These are not drugs or any kind of medication or anything, this is food.

And the super minerals – you can give them, if they’re [at] puberty and beyond – you can give them 2 to 3 doses of the super minerals a day, if they’re having the symptoms that I’ve just described. And that just means that their brains aren’t relaxed. And if they’re also overeating -they’re eating junk food all the time – one serving of the super mineral is 2 capsules and you can easily do that twice a day to cut the craving for junk food. You could do it before every meal.

You can have them have the shake in the morning with the super minerals and the cleanse [Cleanse for Life] and have lunch – super minerals before lunch. You could have the shake in the afternoon as a snack, have them have dinner, [then have] super minerals at dinner. So, 2 or 3 times a day. There’s just a tiny quantity of these minerals, but what’s most important about them is that they get into the brain. So, you really work with it the symptoms you see, just like food. You want to give children the best food. You want to give them the best nutrients. There’s no danger in giving too much as long as you’re within the range of what I’m just talking about.


Let’s Review the Key Points Made by Dr. Gray in this Passage

If you have arrived at this page on the internet by searching for information as to whether or not Isagenix products are safe, this excerpt from the interview with Dr. John Gray should be of great interest. Here are some of the key points made by Dr. Gray:

  1. children can actually be given 2 Isagenix shakes per day, with 3 scoops of  Isalean formulation in each for a total of 6 scoops – this is more than the typical daily adult consumption of 4 scoops in 2 shakes per day on the 9-day or the 30-day cleanse program.
  2. Isagenix is a food, not a supplement or a medication.
  3. Isagenix super minerals are also safe for children in higher amounts than would be consumed by adults – 2-3 doses per day.
  4. There is no danger of giving children too much of Isagenix products as long as you are within the amounts cited above which, as I have pointed out, are higher rather than lower than doses typically consumed by adults.



Is Isagenix Safe?

If you are interested in getting started with an Isagenix program for yourself and/or your family, and you have any health issues with which you are concerned, consul with your physician just to be on the safe side.

I think you can see, however, from the comments made by Dr. John Gray above that Isagenix products are certainly safe for most people and in most circumstances.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at 416-519-4427 anytime.


Why Dr. John Gray Endorses Isagenix

Dr. John Gray is not only one of the best-selling authors in the world, he is also one of the world authorities on the nutritional benefits of Isagenix. For more information on Dr. John Gary, view the video below:





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