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Does Isagenix Work?


In this blog post, I will be addressing the frequently-asked question, “Does Isagenix work?“.

I will begin by providing two interpretations to this question:

Some people who ask, “Does Isagenix work?” want to know if Isagenix really helps people lose weight, while others are asking whether Isagenix eliminates toxins from the body.

As we will see, Isagenix does both, and it is through the process of eliminating toxins from the body that Isagenix promotes weight loss.


Answering the Questions, “Does Isagenix Work?” and “How Does Isagenix Work?”

Pictured above is the cover of a new PDF report entitled, “Healthy Weight Loss With Isagenix.

This PDF report contains a transcript of an interview with Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Dennis Harper, the co-authors of a new book entitled, “Why Diets Are Failing Us”.

In the interview, Greenlaw and Harper discuss the remarkable results of their research into why diets don’t work – that is, why people are not able to either lose weight on diets, or if they are, why they are not able to keep the weight off.

They also explain why Isagenix does work.

Let’s look at some key excerpts from the interview with Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Dennis Harper.


To receive a FREE copy of the Healthy Weight Loss PDF, email me at astransman@rogers.com or call 416-519-4427 and I will be happy to send you one.


Dr. Harper and Greenlaw Describe Their Own Experiences With Isagenix

There are many ways to demonstrate that Isagenix promotes weight loss, but we will begin with the personal experiences of the co-authors, Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Dennis Harper. The following is an excerpt from Peter Greenlaw. In it, he explains how he first became involved with Isagenix:



Peter Greenlaw: Well, briefly, a little over 10 years ago, I had some very, very serious health challenges that Dr. Harper is aware of to the point where my doctor had said [that] if I didn’t do something drastically different that day that I walked into my physical, that I wouldn’t see my two sons graduate from high school. I had a very, very high heart attack risk. As a matter of fact, on a scale of zero to 100, I was around 85 and I did the traditional route – diet, exercise and Lipitor in that case. A friend of mine who had played professional football is the one that introduced me to first Isagenix and then later, to toxicity. But the bottom line was after two months of extreme diet and exercise – and Ron, you probably know I was a former member of the University of Colorado Ski Team, tried out for the Olympics, so at one point, I was a world class athlete – so when my doctor said “exercise”, I figured I could lick this. After two months, I had lost about eight pounds and my cholesterol hadn’t come down that much. So the good news was when I went on [Isagenix], literally in less than a week, I lost more weight than I had in a month and I went on to lose about 30 pounds in 30 days and went back to my doctor about two months. My heart attack risk had gone from like 85 to 15. I went, “Oh, my gosh!”



And now, let’s look at an excerpt from the interview in which Dr. Harper describes his experience with Isagenix:


Dr. Harper: I was goaded into it by my brother who told me it was the most wonderful product even though he had never tried it. Eventually he finally convinced me to try it and so I did. I said, “But I’m going to measure my body”. I’m going to find out what’s going on with my body because I’m pretty sure it’s just a diuretic. When I went on the nine-day cleanse, I ended up losing 15 pounds. Eight pounds was water, so I thought, “Aha! It is a diuretic!” Six pounds of fat and only one pound of lean body mass, which kind of struck me because I really expected to see more lean body mass and less fat. Well, then I went on to the maintenance program] after that and the following week, you would have expected to see all that water come right back. But instead what happened, I lost an additional three pounds and my muscle mass returned to normal. After another month of this, I had actually seen an increase in my muscle mass by three pounds. This is not by exercising either. Please understand that I didn’t change anything and I also saw my weight drop down – I actually had a 25-pound weight loss. It was a net 22-pound weight loss but three pounds of that was lean body mass increase.


To receive a FREE copy of the Healthy Weight Loss PDF, email me at astransman@rogers.com or call 416-519-4427 and I will be happy to send you one.


 A Review of the Key Points Made By Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Harper

Both Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Harper achieved remarakable results with Isagenix.

  • Peter Greenlaw lost 30 pounds in 30 days and reduced his heart attach rsh from 85 to 15
  • Dr. Harper lost 25 pounds and actually gained 3 pounds of lean muscle mass without exercising


Healthy Weight Loss

Would You Like a FREE Copy of The Healthy Weight Loss PDF?

To receive a FREE copy of the Healthy Weight Loss PDF, email me at astransman@rogers.com or call 416-519-4427 and I will be happy to send you one.


How Does Isagenix Work?

At the beginning of this article, I stated that the Isagenix “deep cleansing and fat burning systems” – which are the 30 day and the 9 day “cleanses” – promote 2 key processes in the body:

  • elimination of toxins
  • weight loss

To understand how Isagenix works, you have to understand the relationship between these two processes.

Very simply – our bodies are exposed to toxins and impurities in the environment and in our food and water – and to protect us from these toxins, our body either engulfs these toxins in water and flushes them out of our system OR encases them in fat cells.

Toxins in the body are either water-soluble or fat soluble – meaning, they are either absorbed in water or in fat.

The toxins that are absorbed in fat cells stay in our body – and form the excess weight they we want to lose.

When the body receives the super nutrients in Isagenix – is  able to release the toxins that are encased in fat cells and the result is weight loss.

Here is how this process is described by Peter Greenlaw in the interview:


Peter Greenlaw: Well, I think the biggest thing is that – as it says right on the back of my book – that the enemy is not calories but toxins because the one thing that we know, based on research that at the time [that] Isagenix first started 10 years ago, had not been done. It was all speculative. But the American Society of Endocrinologists two and a half years ago did a study and they basically confirmed what we’ve been saying and that is that the human body is ingesting all of these toxins in water, air, food, carpet, shampoos, toothpastes, hand lotion, whatever….As those [toxins] enter the body, the immune system – and Dr. Harper will back me up on this I hope in a second here – the immune system says “I’m looking at something like Scotchgard or Teflon or herbicide or pesticide and “I can’t deal with this.”So the body is actually evolving and it’s making fat cells that are sort of segregated to simply store toxins and they’ve given those fat cells a name. They call them “obesogens” and from their study, they said that these obesogens are actually altering our hormones and reprogramming the human body to gain weight. There’s no diet or exercise program – at least that I’m aware of anywhere on this planet other than Isagenix – that absolutely assists the body in getting rid of this.Here’s a big misnomer. Isagenix, in my opinion – and Dr. Harper can back me up – is not a cleanse. It doesn’t cleanse you. Simply by enabling – by massively infusing the human body with nutrients at levels that you simply can’t find in food – it’s allowing the body to do this [cleansing] naturally.So this whole concept of dieting and exercise has failed before it starts. We now know [from] all the major studies that [if] you go on a 1200 to 1400 calorie a day diet, the one thing you will be guaranteed is that you will gain weight in the long run because at those levels the food is so nutritionally bankrupt [that] the body absolutely produces stress – in particular, a hormone called cortisol – and what cortisol does, Ron, is, it prevents the body from burning fat. It absolutely eats away our lean muscle mass. It actually impacts bone density and actually can shrink our brain.

To receive a FREE copy of the Healthy Weight Loss PDF, email me at astransman@rogers.com or call 416-519-4427 and I will be happy to send you one.


The Key Points Made by Peter Greenlaw in the Above Excerpt

Here are the key points made by Peter Greenlaw in the excerpt.

  • when it comes to losing weight – it is not calories – it is about toxins
  • by “infusing the body with nutrients at levels you simply can’t find in foods”, Isagenix allows the body to release the toxins stored in fat
  • reducing caloric intake to 1200 or 1400 in a typical diet, with nutritionally-bankrupt food does not work as the body cannot burn fat

I believe that this explanation by Peter Greenlaw is key to understanding why Isagenix works, and why diets don’t work. Below, is Dr. Harper’s response to Greenlaw’s comments:


Dennis Harper: There’s no doubt that 99 percent of the cleansing that takes place in a person’s body has to do with when the organs are functioning properly. There might be, maybe, one percent that’s associated with some of the ingredients that actually do reach out and grab toxins. But by and large, it has to be your own body because your body is the number one detoxifier.The liver is a big one, [and] the kidneys. Even the lungs help eliminate a lot of these toxins. So you want to have all the organs working the very best you can and that’s what Isagenix does. It gives you the nutritionally-dense foods to make – or help your body achieve – its own balance.


To receive a FREE copy of the Healthy Weight Loss PDF, email me at astransman@rogers.com or call 416-519-4427 and I will be happy to send you one.


 Reviewing the Key Points in This Article

If you found your way to this article by searching for an answer to the question, “Does Isagenix work?”, what we have learned is that:

  • Isagenix is a very effective method for losing weight
  • Isagenix not only “works”, it works by because it is a “nutritionally-dense” food
  • by providing essential nutrients to the body, Isagenix facilitiates the natural process of detoxification
  • as the body eliminates toxins, fat cells are also releases, resulting in weight loss


Would You Like More Information About Isagenix?

If you wish any more information about Isagenix, contact me any time via:

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Email: astransman@rogers.com


Does Isagenix Work?

The video below provides additional information regarding Isagenix weight loss:


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