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Best Weight Loss Shakes

Isalean Shakes are the best weight loss shakes

The Best Weight Loss Shakes

Welcome to the website, Your Optimal Nutrition Dot Info – in this article, I am going to be talking about the best weight loss shakes.

If this is your first visit to www.youroptimalnutrition.info, let me begin by explaining that the main subject of this website is the line of products produced by the Arizona-based company called Isagenix.

If you have never heard of Isagenix, their flagship product is a nutritional cleansing and fat-burning program which comes in both a 30-day and a 9-day format. Before I talk about the best weight loss shakes, it is important to explain what nutritional cleansing is and how it works as that will provide a context for our discussion about the most effective shakes for weight loss.


What Nutritional Cleansing Has to Do With the Best Weight Loss Shakes

The secret to healthy and effective weight loss – which of virtually no one talks about – is eliminating toxins that have accumulated in your body over time.

Why have toxins accumulated in your body? Because we are being bombarded by toxins in our environment every day – they are in our food system, in our water supply and even in the products that we use on a daily basis. No matter how careful we may try to be, it is impossible to keep toxins from entering our body. When toxins enter our system, our body tries to protect us by either excreting them through our elimination system if they are water-soluble or by encasing man in fat cells called obesogens, if they are fat-soluble toxins.

Since many of the toxins that enter our system are fat-soluble, meaning that to prevent them from doing damage they need to be encased in a special category of fat cells, the result for many of us is unwanted weight gain because the body is manufacturing fat cells to protect us from toxins, the inevitable results is added weight.

It stands to reason, therefore, that the key to losing weight for many of us is to eliminate the toxins that are at the root of our added weight.


Wouldn’t the Best Weight Loss Shakes Help Eliminate Toxins?

If you understand the fundamental principle that safe and effective weight loss is all about eliminating toxins that have accumulated in our systems, then you will understand that a shake or a smoothie that would facilitate the elimination of toxins would be a very effective weight loss shake.

But there is another piece of the puzzle that you need to understand – and that is, that our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins naturally – we do not need harsh diuretics or laxatives.

What we need to do – simply – is provide our body with the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally. When we do that, the organs that were designed to eliminate toxins will do their work.

So the question is – how do we provide our body with the essential nutrients it needs to function as it was intended to?

The answer to that question is the nutritional cleansing and fat-burning programs by Isagenix that I mentioned earlier in this article.

The Isalean protein shakes that are at the centre of the nutritional cleansing programs by Isagenix are super-nutrient formulations designed to provide the proteins, trace minerals and amino acids that our bodies need every day to function at their very best.

Isagenix is not a diuretic, laxative or pharmaceutical product – it is a superfood – and it promotes weight loss by facilitating the elimination of toxins from the body.


When You Ask About “Best Weight Loss Shakes”, What Do You Mean?

Let’s go back to the beginning of this article – the subject is, best weight loss shakes.

If you have arrived at this page on the internet by searching for information on best weight loss shakes or weight loss drinks or liquid diet for weight loss – I am assuming that by “best” you mean “most effective”.

The Isalean shakes from Isagenix are the most effective shakes for weight loss because, as I’ve explained above, they are supernutrient formulations and they promote weight loss through the elimination of toxins. I am not aware of any other shakes that function in this way.


Let’s Return to the Subject of Toxicity

So far in this article, we have discussed what makes the Isagenix shakes the most effective shakes for weight loss – because they address the problem of toxicity which is that the heart of much of our on wanted weight gain.

If the subject of toxicity is new to you, take a moment and watch the video below which I think you will find very enlightening:


What did you think of that? Did it help explain the importance of eliminating toxins for weight loss?

I hope so.

The next thing that I would recommend that you do is to fill in the drop-down form on this website to receive a FREE PDF report entitled, “Why Diets Fail”.

This PDF report explains in greater detail everything that I have covered in this article with respect to the relationship between eliminating toxins and safe, effective weight loss.


How to Get Started With the Isagenix Weight Loss Shakes

Once again, if you have found your way to this article on the internet by searching for information on the best shakes for weight loss, or a variation on that search term, and you would like more information on the nutritional cleansing programs by Isagenix, I invite you to contact me anytime via:

Telephone: 416-519-4427


Email: astransman@rogers.com


Skype: AlanStransman


This website is dedicated to providing information about your optimal nutrition, and I would be delighted to chat with you anytime.




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