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7 Day Detox Diet

Isagenix Cleanse for Weight Loss


This article is intended specifically for people who are looking for information about a 7 Day Detox Diet.

Let’s leave aside for the moment the “7 day” aspect of the 7 Day Detox Diet.

Let’s talk about the concept of a detox diet.

What is a detox diet?


Is There Anything Magical About a 7 Day Detox Diet?

There are many diet plans on the market – far too many to begin to count – and I have no doubt that among them is one that is called the 7 Day Detox Diet.

The important questions to ask about any kind of “detox diet” is  – how and what does it detoxify?

For example, there are detox diets or cleanses that are “organ-specific “- such as those that focus on the liver, colon and gall bladder.

In his book, “Why Diets Are Failing Us” , Peter Greenlaw refers to cleanses or detox programs that are focused on a single organ as “single point of reference solutions”.

So, if you are looking for a 7 Day Detox Diet – are you looking for a detox program that is focused on a single organ or are you looking for a detox diet that will achieve a “whole-body cleansing”?

What you want is a “whole-body” cleansing – as opposed to colon, liver or kidney – and you want a “nutritional cleansing“.

Once again, we are not talking about the duration of the detox diet just yet – what we are focused on first and foremost is the kind of detox diet that will do the most good – and that is a whole-body detox diet.

We will talk about the duration of the detox diet in a moment.


Is a Nutritional Cleanse the Same as a Detox Diet?

If you have arrived at this article on the internet by searching for information about a 7 Day Detox Diet, the following two sentences may surprise you. They are taken from Peter Greenlaw’s book, “Why Diets Are Failing Us”:


In a perfect world, the body internally regulates every system at a high efficiency. If it needs to cleanse it self, it will.


Why are these two sentences so important?

Because they tell us that the body is designed to cleanse itself.

In other words, we do not need harsh chemicals or diuretics or anything like that detoxify our bodies.

The best way to detoxify the body – in other words, the best kind of “detox diet” – is one which helps the body do what it was desugned to do in the first place.

And that means a diet that is made up of the highest-quality nutrients.

The body needs nutrients to detox – and if you want the best detox diet – look for the one that provides the most nutrient-dense foods.

Once again, Peter Greenlaw lays this all out in his book, “Why Diets Are Failing Us”. The excerpt below is key:


It’s important to eat in a way that focuses on nutrient density while increasing the body’s detoxification potential through the ingestion of antioxidants and botanicals. The body needs vitamins and minerals, as well as certain amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. All of these elements are useless unless they can be efficiently absorbed into the body. Though many people are familiar with essential macro-minerals like iron and calcium, trace minerals are important co-factors found in the structure of certain enzymes and are indispensable in numerous biochemical pathways. It is enzymes that ultimately push the body to function properly and actively cleanse itself. The body’s ability to self-cleanse is critical for true health and weight loss. Food can be metabolized more efficiently. The keys to activating the body’s natural cleansing programs are whole-body nutritional cleansing (as opposed to colon, liver or kidney cleansing) and ingesting the needed supply of trace minerals. Detoxifying the body is critical to healthy weight loss. It is the solution that delivers results far surpassing any popular conventional dieting program.


Are You Still Looking for a 7 Day Detox Diet?

let’s take a moment to review the key points made by Peter Greenlaw in the passage cited above from “Why Diets Are Failing Us”. They are as follows:

  • by focusing on foods that are nutritionally dense we increase the body’s potential to detoxify itself
  • detoxifying or cleansing is a natural process in the body and one which requires macro-minerals like iron and calcium and trace minerals, as well
  • the keys to activating the body’s natural cleansing programs are whole-body nutritional cleansing

What Peter Greenlaw advocates in his book is the whole-body nutritional cleansing program by Isagenix.

As I stated above, there are many detox diet plans on the market, but the one that Greenlaw recommends is the nutrient-dense programs from Isagenix.

Now – is there a 7-day detox diet program from Isagenix?

No – but there is a 9-day program.

Is there anything magical about a 7-day program as opposed to a 9-day program?

I am sure that there is not.


Are You Interested in Learning More About the Isagenix 9 Day Detox Diet?

If you would like more information about the world’s leading 9 Day Detox Diet – the Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning Program by Isagenix, feel free to contact me anytime via:

Phone: 416-519-4427


Email: astransman@rogers.com

I would be delighted to chat any time.




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